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The history of the creation of the Russian harp begins in the 1930s in the class of Very Dulova. Among the students were two young engineers - Alexey Kaplyuk and Sergey Maykov. Immediately after the end of World War II, the first instruments were ready, and already in 1951 at the factory. Lunacharsky in Leningrad (St. Petersburg) organized serial production of several models of pedal harps. In fact, it was the first harp factory in post-war Europe. The last harps from the Lunacharsky factory were produced in 2000. It was not until 2006 that the production could be restored under a new name, Resonance Harps. We were joined by a dream - the restoration of pedal harps in St. Petersburg, the start of production of high quality and modern instruments. We managed to implement it. We are the only producer of pedal harps in the area and are among the five largest harp producers in the world. We not only kept the traditions of building the Russian harp, whose history goes back over 60 years, but also modernized the traditional harp production technology, creating a new, advanced technological solution. Currently, we produce harps for various applications - from small chamber instruments to 40 strings, to concert harps for 47 strings. Using over 60 years of experience and tradition, we have also created the Lunacharsky Family harp family, which includes, among others, the S19 model, which has a completely new technical solution. All instruments are designed based on modern technical solutions, taking into account the wishes of the harpists and all the requirements currently posed by high-class musical instruments. Our goal is to create high quality instruments that will be able to compete with the best harps in the world. For us, it's important to gain recognition among harpists. For the production of instruments we use carefully selected solid maple wood, beech, spruce, veneer veneer made of precious wood. Deca is made of resonant spruce, properly seasoned. All harps have a 5-year manufacturer's warranty. By purchasing the harp of our production, you can be sure not only of the quality of the device, but also a professional guarantee and after-sales service.

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