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Resonance Harps Poland provides services for the majority of pedal and lever harps models. We service harps of companies: Resonance, Lunacharsky, Salvi, Lyon & Heally, Venus, Aoyama, Horngaher, Erard. We do not make servive the Camac harps.




We offer:

- adjustment of the fork mechanism

- adjustments of the pedal mechanism

- string replacement

- replacement of pilot rods

- disk replacement

- cleaning the mechanism

- eliminating jams in the pedal mechanism

- eliminating jams in the fork mechanism

- exchange of pedal felt

- gluing the resonance board

- painting work - Woodwork

- sliding roller repairs

- total reconstruction of instruments

  (including gilding)


We only use original imported parts directly from the manufacturer. In the absence of spare parts for older harp models, we make them ourselves using our own machine park and materials from which the original parts are made.

A warranty is given for each repair.


We approach each problem individually. Valuation of the repair is possible only after visual inspection of the instrument.




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