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I'm glad that I was the first to hear Erida's sounds. I'm impressed !!! I want to have it!

Joanna Supranowicz (08.08.2017)


Dreams come true. Thanks to you, we can get to know the quality of Russian harps. And they are certainly competitive for renowned western companies, and the price encourages you to buy beautifully sounding instruments. I wish you good luck and thank you for the idea and effort to bring the harp to Poland. They are beautiful.

Anna Sikorzak - Olek (08.08.2017)



I am very happy that as one of the first harpists in Poland I had the opportunity to meet the "new" Russian harps. I remain very impressed! Congratulations on the idea of ​​bringing instruments to Poland. Thanks to you, the harp world in Poland will be more beautiful with new sounds. I admire passion and commitment! It was very nice to visit you!

Anna Blum (10.08.2017)


Great instruments, wonderful sound, deep, fantastic flagolets. I am impressed and I am very happy that they are already in Poland available and can be purchased without a problem. Thanks a lot

Anna Piechura - Gabryś (01.09.2017)



Thanks that finally in Poland! Fingers crossed. Harps great. The price is great too.

Barbara Witkowska (01.09.2017)



It's wonderful that there is such a place in Krakow. I admire the harps and your courage! Good luck! I promise you often to look.

Irena Czubek - Davidson (13.09.2017)



Finally good harps at a good price and great sound. I hope that in the end you will be able to earn a harp in less than half a life! :) Good luck! Thank you and see you.

Adrian Nowak (13.09.2017)



I am waiting when I can play with my beloved band Janosik and Piazzola. Wonderful timbre, feedback harps, fast and perfectly sounding. Ferrari among harps.

Katarzyna Zabielska "Z harfą w tle" (15.09.2017)



The prospect and the opportunity to buy a good quality harp at such an affordable price give me great pleasure! All "ograne" by me sounded very good and were incredibly "comfortable" - weight is also an asset. Fingers crossed

Barbara Szarek (22.09.2017)



Shock, disbelief, I rub my eyes (and ears!) With astonishment. Beautiful instruments. I will definitely come back here!

Weronika Gaida (22.09.2017)



Thank you for your hospitality, conversation, stories and the opportunity to try new instruments.

Emilia Raiter (21.10.2017)



Thank you for the wonderful approach, kindness, answers to all the questions and a lot of great stories. Harps have a beautiful, warm and sounding sound - at the first opportunity I will become a client, not just a guest.

Ula Nowakowska - Żwirdowska (07.04.2018)



Delightful place. Harps are well exposed. Factual information about the instruments but above all - a very beautiful sound.

Dorota Szyszkowska - Janiak (30.04.2018)



Thank you so much for finding myself in this amazing and beautiful place. It was a pleasure to lead the Master Class on wonderful harps! I wish you all the best and I hope that soon we will see each other again. Thank you for helping to promote the harp in the world. I love this place and I love your harps - big hugs.

Pia Salvia


Thank you so much for allowing me to play the harp! I have happily performed with this instrument, which has incredible potential. Thank you so much for all your hospitality. 

Joan Rafaelle Kim (27.07.2018)



Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon. The place is great, the harps are great and you're both amazing. I can not wait to return !!! Thank you very much !!!

Carlos Pena Montoya (23.12.2018)



Beloved, thank you beautifully for a charming time, hospitality, reliable information, and above all for fantastic harps of a beautiful, deep

and noble sound. See you soon !

Malwina Lipiec - Rozmysłowicz (15.04.2019)



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